Minggu, 10 Juni 2012



when iI see you with someone
my heart ached as torn
but my heart feels so warm when i saw you with beautiful smile
for some reason i feel so happy

but when you mention the name of someone you love
why do you look towards me?
it indirectly makes my heart shattered like mad
if you feel what i feel
Maybe you'll cry endlessly

but i realize that love can not be imposed
it grew from the heart and compassion
if  i'm allowed to look into your eyes and you can look into my eyes
Maybe you will know
How deep is my love for you

so give me a chance
to make you comfortable and happy
  yeah,, I realize maybe i'm not perfect for you
but i'm believe you can happy if you with me

i'm promise you'll be the last for me
and i'll be the last for you
i'll became your guardian angel
and it's my promise for you forever

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