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noun clause

Pengertian Noun Clause

Noun clause adalah klausa yang berfungsi sebagai nomina. Karena fungsinya sebagai nomina, maka noun clause dapat menduduki posisi-posisi berikut:

  1. Subjek kalimat (subject of a sentence)
  2. Objek verba transitif (object of a transitive verb)
  3. Objek preposisi (object of a preposition)
  4. Pelengkap (complement)
  5. Pemberi keterangan tambahan (noun in apposition)
Contoh Noun Clause :

1. Noun Clause sebagai Subjek Kalimat ( subject of a sentence )

  • What you said doesn’t convince me at all.
  • How he becomes so rich makes people curious.
  • What the salesman has said is untrue.
  • That the world is round is a fact. 
2. Noun Clause sebagai Verba Transitif ( Object of a Transitive verb )
  • I know what you mean.
  • I don’t understand what he is talking about.
  • He said that his son would study in America
3. Noun Clause Sebagai Preposisi ( object of a Preposition )
  • Please listen to what your teacher is saying.
  • Budi pays full attention to how the native speaker is pronouncing the English word
  • Be careful of what you’re doing now
4. Noun Clause sebagai Pelengkap ( Completment )
  • The good news is that the culprit has been put into the jail.
  • This is what I want.
  • That is what you need.
5. Noun Clause sebagai Pemberi Keterangan Tambahan ( Noun in Apposition )
  • The idea that people can live without oxygen is unreasonable.
  • The fact that Teguh always comes late doesn’t surprise me.

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