Senin, 11 Juni 2012



actually it does not have to have love, because love can not be in force and everyone has the right feel, love is a gift given to the servants of the creator, the creator gives a sense of love for me but I am afraid to say love to someone that I love. munkin eyes of people casual girl but if my eyes This girl is amazing, as only he can stole my heart to this day, because she could make me change from a brandalan in school until a child is calm at the school. but me ignorance when he greeted me why I never replied even turned away, because me could not resist kebahagianku. when she already has someone disampinya I'm very disappointed and frustrated, because when he was single I did not have the courage to approach him but let it be gone with the wind, the creator may have other plans, but I believe if he jodohku she'll always be close to . LOVE YOU FOREVER Shahnaz

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