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conditional sentence

Conditional Sentence

Conditional Sentences Type 1 

Subject + can/will/may/must + V1 + if + Subject + Simple Present Tense
* you will get great examination, if you study hard.
* if Amanda invites me, i will come to her party.

Conditional Sentences Type 2

Subject + could/would/might + V1 + if + Subject + Simple Past Tense
* i would phone her, if i knew her phone number.
Fact : i don't phone her because i don't know her phone number.
* if i were Superman, i would fly to meet her.
Fact : i am not a Superman, so i dont fly to meet her.
Conditional Sentences Type 3

Subject + could/would/might + have + V3 + if + Subject + Past Perfect TenseExample:
* my girlfriend would have come to my house, if  she had not been very busy.
Fact : my girlfriend was very busy, so she did'nt come to my house.
* if had not been very busy, i could have come to your house.
Fact : i was very busy, so i couldn't come to your house.


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