Jumat, 12 Juni 2015

tugas softskill 1

NPM : 17211065
RedMint Fashion
(What) I want to run the business is in the field of business model of stylish clothes, RedMint name that I make a name for this business, I want to run this business because I have a hobby shop and observe the style dressed people around. And I have a talent for designing images for t-shirts, and at a time when I got a lesson highschoool screen and know some good types of paint used for screen printing and good material to be used as T-shirts and shirts.
(Where) I will run this business in Tebet, South Jakarta area because I think the area is suitable for running this business. (When) when running this business when I had enough mental and can already be responsible for myself and not rely on my parents again. (Rev) why I chose this business paddock I have a hobby shop for clothing and clothing observe the people who are around me, from where I might be able to develop my creativity to develop and run this business, business karana is inspired from a hobby so I do not need to be afraid to lose if rugipun clothes can I use for myself and my share to my friends.
(Who) This business is targeted to everyone and especially those concerned about the appearance of their own and to own an interest in fashion. (How) how to develop a business that is only because it now has an advanced age and many people are already using social media and the internet I can advertise my business stuff.

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